Leema Technologies Limited was born out of an idea to assist in creating a greener environment whilst helping developers and builders alike to steer their projects through the ever growing mine field created by the new regulations.

Founded by a team of contractors, architects and testing consultants our aim is to ideally take the whole testing and detailing criteria away from the design and construction team – leaving them to proceed as they do best with the direct build of the scheme.

Now operating nationwide we are able to offer any degree of service to the construction team, whether that be a one of pressure test, or a full package of testing including SAP assessment, SBEM assessment, acoustic/ sound testing, EPC’s and / or a full consultation role during the design process. With Leema on board with your design team from the outset you can feel more confident of passing all your testing requirements when they are needed the most – at the end of the build programme.

Stretching further afield, Leema also acknowledges the need to assess your existing home. Whether this be to test the air tightness of your home to evaluate the problem areas where heat may be escaping, or to offer advice on retro fitting alternative renewable energies to your home.

In these times of ever increasing stringent build measures, and a surge in the information of sustainable renewable products reaching the market everyday, why not allow Leema Technologies Limited the chance to decipher this information for you and assist in a smooth, sustainable build approach.

Please call us at any time for a free evaluation or quote, or to discuss any site problems you may have – or to even speak to our architectural/ construction team to assist in any way we can.

Airtightness and Leakage Testing

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