Building Regulations Part L1A for new dwellings and Part L2A for new buildings other than dwellings came into force in April 2006, requiring that standards of air tightness in new properties are both achieved and proven by the means of Air leakage Testing and an air leakage test certificate.

In order for the building to achieve the required air test target Leema Technologies Ltd are able to provide on-site consultation, support and advice throughout the design and construction of your build. Ongoing site visits during the construction monitor the progress and quality which is critical to passing the air leakage test. This ensures that any areas of concern are identified and can be rectified from the outset. The process of testing is also known as air leakage testing, air pressure testing or air tightness test.

Commercial Air Pressure Testing, Commercial Air Leakage Testing

Depending on the size and complexity of the building a single visit to provide the air may be all that is required. On larger or more complex projects, and those that require compliance via a third party assessment route, more regular inspections may be required.
Air leakage tests should ideally be performed towards the very end of the build to gain the best and most accurate results.

With over 35 years in the construction and testing industry, and with In-house RIBA accredited Architects, Leema is able to offer not only direct air leakage testing buildings but also excellent advice on the construction techniques for ensuring compliance under the new Building Regulations.

Airtightness and Leakage Testing

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