Whether looking to carry out a self build house or a cluster of industrial units, the statutory requirements necessary to complete such a development can be a daunting and apprehensive task. With new regulations emerging all the time it is even proving difficult for Building Control to administer, let alone a developer.

Leema Technologies Package DealsLeema Technologies are able to provide a tailored package of any or all of the previous services mentioned. We are able to assist you in achieving compliance with Building Regulations, either from the outset at inception stage or nearing completion of the project.

Required services will be dependent on the scale and nature of the project. On larger commercial proposals or multi dwelling schemes, it is advisable to instruct a building assessor from the outset. This can save a lot of time and money in ensuring that all the necessary requirements are integrated from the outset. This can be specifically relevant when applying for rating against The Code for Sustainable Homes.

We are able to offer pre-build consultation, pre-testing assessment and / or final testing packages tailored to your buildings requirements. We are able to liaise directly with your Architect and Building Control to relieve you completely of the burden and worry of passing the necessary tests.

Please feel free to call us to enable us to quote on your bespoke testing package, or to arrange for a representative to call and discuss your needs.

All of our representatives are qualified in various aspects of the construction industry and we feel that our expertise will assist in the smooth completion of your project.

With in-house Architects we are also able to offer a full design and build package from residential to commercial works. Leema Technologies Ltd is now also able to offer planning supervisor services and, as such, feel confident that they can assist you with any aspect of statutory legislation compliance.

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