The 2006 revision to Part L means that for the first time all new buildings will have to meet a target rate of carbon dioxide emissions. For buildings other than
dwellings a new calculation process is required to assess both the target emissions and the proposed building emissions.

We can provide SBEM calculations to assess energy ratings and CO2 emission values for your commercial property. Our building energy assessors are qualified and accredited for
the issue of building energy calculations and Energy Performance Certificates.

Developed for DCLG (formerly ODPM) by BRE, the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) is the default method for carrying out these calculations. Building
designers and consultants, and other interested professionals, will need to familiarise themselves with the new compliance method.

EPC – Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Efficiency Rating Grade The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) gives home owners, tenants and buyers information on the energy efficiency of their property.

It gives the building a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade from ‘A’ to ‘G’, where ‘A’ is the most efficient and with the average to date being D.

The EPC is required by law when a building is constructed, sold or let.

  • Builders/ Developers – An EPC needs to be provided to buyers of newly built properties.
  • Landlords – If you are a landlord, you’ll need to make an EPC available to prospective tenants the first time you let a home after 1st October 2008. An EPC is only required for a property which is self-contained, and is valid for 10 years. An EPC isn’t required when a tenant rents a room and shares facilities.
  • EPCs for Business premises – As of October 2008, owners of all commercial buildings must provide an EPC when they buy, sell or let commercial premises.
  • Public Buildings – Certain public buildings must have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) which contains similar information to an EPC, to enable visitors and users of the building t
Airtightness and Leakage Testing

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